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About Homeline Organic

We Are Serving Organic Food

The Genesis of HomeLine Organic was built on its vision to make the dream of a healthy India a reality. Homeline organic has been a manufacturer of all type of organic products. Our factories in Rajasthan are certified to produce the highest quality product possible.

Our customer’s positive feedback and impact have pushed us to set even higher benchmarks in the coming year. We believe that organic food is not just about its technical process but also has a mindset with zero toxins & no pesticides.

We have high standards of quality and hygiene, which are certified by FASSI, ISO, The government of India.

We work with many farmers to cultivate thousands of acres of sustainable natural farmland. With a focus on quality, we are committed to finding new ways to support the environment and improve living conditions for people around the world.


Our vision is to make the dream of an organic and healthy India a reality. We believe that healthy food choices are everyones’ right. Thus, we aspire to become a brand that makes genuine organic food affordable and available for people all over the country.  We strive to introduce a unique and successful business model committed to service and integrity that benefits all. To support natural, sustainable, and organic agriculture practices that serve and protect Mother Nature.


We are on a mission to promote environmental sustainability and a healthy lifestyle for people across the country. To do this, we provide organically-grown food choices for everyone. We also strive to provide our consumers with as much information about the benefits of switching to organic ways.  As a brand, we promise to bring better health and great taste to your doorsteps. After all, we really care about our consumers! That’s why we do not add any synthetic chemicals to our products - just pure goodness from mother nature herself!

Mr. Amit Choudhary

(CEO & Founder)

From The Founders Desk

Starting up a new business is never an easy task. At every step, a new hurdle awaits you! And my journey has been a bumpy road as well, but it’s all worth it in the end. Being from an agricultural background, I was always well-versed with the benefits of organic farming. However, after completing my MBA, I started working as the director of a telemarketing company based in Delhi until my roots called me back. 

In 2020, I founded Homeline Organic Pvt Ltd as a small business with the vision of ‘Organic is Life’ to promote organic farming and bring the goodness of organic food to every home. What started as a vision has now turned into a successful business within this short span of time. We have introduced over 100 organic products, including organically-grown spices, herbs, grains, cereals, flours, cold-pressed oils, cow ghee and many more. 

We work with farmers to enable organized and quality organic farming. At Homeline Organic, we strive to build a robust distribution network to help every consumer adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Why Us?

Organic Cultivation

At Homeline Organic, we cater to organic farming practices for the highest quality produce to maintain environmental sustainability. Reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers contributes significantly to keeping the air, water, and soil unadulterated and alive.

Environmental Sustainability

Organic farming also reduces soil and water pollution. By adopting the highest standards of organic practices, we contribute to environmental sustainability. Crop rotation and use of compost and plant waste preserve the soil and keep the land healthy.

Better Nutrition and Great Taste

Conventional farmers use chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides for growing their crops. The residues of these pesticides may trigger some health issues, including difficulty in  child development. On the other hand, organic food is free of any sort of harmful chemicals, providing you with fresh and healthy nutrition.

Zero Chemicals & Pesticides

There are various studies that suggest organic food have more nutrients - minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and micronutrients than processed foods. Also, organic foods are lower in nitrates and higher in antioxidants, making them more nutritious.

What Our Customers say
about us

Amazing products, organic and fresh! I use Home Line products at home, and I would totally suggest them. If you try their products once, you will come back again and again.
Pankaj Jain
Pure and organic spices. Truly a brand you can trust. You are better than other brands in the market. Keep going.
Deepak Kalra
Taste of home line organic product is too real and maintain this taste..... The taste of product aroma of product and packing of product are too good.
Anamika Sharma
If you are looking for best quality organic products then you are at the right place. Homeline organic offers you the best and purest organic spices and other products.
Dushyant Dhukiya
When I buy Organic products, I always come to Homeline Organic. I really appreciate the quality of their spices, oils, ghee, and other products.
Balwant Poonia