Cardamom Green




75 GM

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The green-colored pods known as green cardamom is the dignity of India. They are used in beverages like tea and coffee and also enhance the flavor and scent.

HomeLine organic Cardamom are organic certified Cardamom obtained by Natural farms of God’s Own country Kerala & other regions of down south India. Needless to say, no kind of pesticides, insecticides or preservatives were used & only hand harvested cardamoms are used.

HomeLine organic Cardamom are bold & light green in color, has a complex & Deep fragrance and is packed in a 75 gm Jar that very well preserves all its nutrients like Potassium, Iron & Vitamins.

HomeLine organic Cardamoms can be used in various ways like: Active agent for various curries whether its onion based or tomato based. Seasoning agent for Pulao, Biryanis & other rice preparations .Used in giving aromas to various kinds of teas. Widely used as a breath enhancer.Used in sweet dishes like ice-creams, Gulab Jamun etc.

Health Benefits.-

  • Promotes heart growth
  • Aids in cancer Prevention
  • Aids in Diabetes treatment
  • Improves Oral health
  • Improves sexual health
  • Improves hair health

Lesser Known Fact: Though, it may sound awkward in India to put cardamoms in Your favorite coffee, but cardamom coffee is a staple in Middle East cuisines.

Storage Instructions: Store at a cool, dark & dry place.



75 GM


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