Garlic Pickle



Weight 858 g

500 gm

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Homeline’s organic garlic Pickle is made from fresh Garlic obtained by 100% certified Natural farms of Rajasthan. All Natural ingredients like Vinegar, Kachhi Ghaani Mustard Oil & spices are used in preparation.

No Preservatives, Additives or artificial colors are used, only hand-dried fresh garlic with maximum oils are used, packed in a glass bottle jar.

It’s a ready to use product & processed in a way that it will match up to the standards of home-made garlic paste with fresh garlic. We make sure that you need not make any compromises with your favorite aroma of fresh garlic.

Usage: HomeLine’s garlic pickle can be mainly used with Parathas, Theplas, Sambhar-Rice, plain rice.

Key Benefits of using HomeLine’s Garlic Pickle are:

• Boosts immune system
• Lowers cholesterol Levels & improves heart health
• Rich sources of vitamin C, helps in improving vision
• Rich in anti-oxidants
• Cure’s asthma
• Treats arthritis

Storage instructions: Store at a cool, dark & dry place away from direct sunlight.

Weight 858 g

500 gm


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