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Daliya Multigrain

Daliya Multigrain

Homeline’s Daliya multigrain is the healthiest meal you can have at any time of the day as it is low on calories, rich in fibres, and extremely good in nutrients. Daliya multigrain is more helpful than regular Daliya when it comes to your health as it contains nutrients and protein.

Be it your breakfast or your dinner, Homeline’s daliya multigrain can take any form to serve you the best and keep you healthy at the same time. No doubt that the Daliya multigrain is the power meal for all the members of your family as it is good for children’s growth, diabetic patients, weight loss, etc. Daliya multigrain consists of wheat, rice, millets, seeds, and other ingredients.

Health Benefits:

  • Daliya multigrain helps in weight loss
  • It helps in muscle mass gain
  • It prevents constipation
  • Low in calories
  • It helps in alleviating chronic inflammation
  • Good for diabetic patients

Storage Instructions: You can store it in a tightly capped jar in a cool and dry place.


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