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Moong Split Washed(Mogar)

Moong Split Washed(Mogar)

For those of you who like to cook, but find it a bit too time consuming, here’s your solution. Homeline’s Organic Green gram whole is easy to prepare and can be used in many dishes. For added convenience, we offer this product split into two halves as well as de-husked (yellow) and ground varieties for all your needs!

You might not know this, but we sell more than just dal. We also have green gram whole! It’s a new product and tastes great with rice or in soups. You can’t beat the convenience of it either.

This ancient Indian dish is often used as a side dish or in any recipe that calls for beans. With its light, but hearty flavor and texture, it’s perfect with some dal or even as part of a salad.

Health Benefits:

  1. Boosts Blood Circulation
  2. Helps Prevent Diabetes
  3. Boosts Immunity & Protects Against Infections
  4. Controls cholesterol and heart disease risk

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