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Sugar Candy (Mishri)

Sugar Candy (Mishri)

A Healthier version of normal table sugar, mishri or sugar candy goes well with every household. The process of crystallisation of Mishri makes it easily digestible and leaves a cooling effect on the body. Mishri can be used in the preparation of traditional sweets and confectionaries. 

The tiny unrefined form of sugar, these sugar candies are not just about taste but offer amazing health benefits as well. Our mishri is free of preservatives and chemicals, thus providing better taste and health. 

Health Benefits 

  • Promotes digestion 
  • Can treat common cold and cough 
  • Instant source of energy 
  • Improves vision 
  • Stimulated lactation 
  • Boosts haemoglobin 

Storage Instructions 

You can store them in an airtight container away from moisture and humidity. This is because the mishri cubes might get stuck together and may get spoiled. 

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