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Immunity Combo

Our Immunity Combo contains Black Pepper(100gm), Clove(75gm) & Green Cardamom(75gm).

HomeLine’s Organic brings Black Pepper directly from Kerala to your kitchen to provide health-boosting qualities. It has very high carminative properties which always help to reduce discomfort and gas build in your intestines. Black pepper is made from ripe peppercorns and then leave them to dry until they turn completely black.

HomeLine’s Organic Clove are certified Cloves obtained by naturally grown flowers having large red leaves from God’s Own Country Kerala some other regions of southern India.Needless to say, no kind of insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers were used making them 100% authentic.

HomeLine organic Cardamom are organic certified Cardamom obtained by Natural farms of God’s Own country Kerala other regions of down south India. Needless to say, no kind of pesticides, insecticides or preservatives were used only hand harvested cardamoms are used.Our Cardamom are bold light green in color, has a complex Deep fragrance.