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Homeline Organic brings to you the goodness of organic almonds for the daily dose of nutrition. We source organic almonds from the farms, remove them from the kernels, and pack them in a Eco-Friendly Packing. So, you get all the nutrients intact without any chemicals or preservatives.
Our almonds rank the highest in appearance, taste, and nutrients. They are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and Vitamin E. Plus; they are low in crabs but high in healthy fats. Also, they are loaded with antioxidants.
Grab a handful of them before leaving for work, enjoy the health benefits of soaked almonds or roast them with a pinch of salt for evening cravings. You can add them to your desserts too.

Health Benefits of Our Organic Almonds
They can lower cholesterol levels
Benefits blood pressure levels
Assist with blood sugar control
Eating almonds can reduce hunger

Storage Instructions
Store almonds in a closed jar in a cool, dry, and odor-free place.