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Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is the most integral part of our meals, Be it in the form of chapati or any other popular Indian bread. Since most Indian households consume it on a daily basis, wheat flour must be organic and free of preservatives.

Homeline’s Wheat Flour is 100% Organic and is a good Source of iron, thiamine, niacin, calcium, and vitamin B6. Not only does it add to the taste of our food but also serves as a decent source of several vitamins and minerals, including selenium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, and folate. It is a great source of protein and fibre. People with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity must take care while consuming wheat flour as it contains gluten.

Health Benefits –

  • Good for bones as rich in Phosphorus
  • It contains zinc also helps in controlling blood sugar levels hence is good for Diabetic patients
  • Improves brain functioning
  • Helps in preventing Anaemia
  • Good for skin

Storage  Instructions – Wheat flour needs to be stored in a jar with a tight lid in a cool and dry spot.