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Amla Murabba

HomeLine’s Organic AMLA MURABBA – “The elixir of life” is a traditional Ayurvedic recipe for good health.
This formula contains the goodness of Amla, which is known to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins that promote natural defense system, strengthens respiratory system, improves digestion power and blood circulation etc.
HomeLine’s Organic Amla Murabba comes in a Glass Bottle Air-Tight Jar, No added preservatives or colors.

It may not be as common now, but with all its amazing benefits like boosting immunity and improving body ailments (just to name a few), we think you should consider adding some Amla Murabba into your diet too!

Usage: 1.Take 1-2 pieces per day
2. It can be consumed with a glass of milk or follow your physician’s instructions.

Storage: Store at a Cool, Dark & dry place away from direct sunlight