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Apple Murabba

Apples are a great source of fiber, vitamin C and potassium. And you know what? This sweet treat is packed with all that goodness – in every bite! We take the best quality apples to make this delicious dessert which can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Pair it with your favorite Indian dish for an added flavor burst or enjoy on its own as a special treat!We don’t use any preservatives or chemicals to make our apples, sugar syrup, and water and acidity regulator so it lasts longer.
What’s more is that Homeline’s organic Ready to Eat Apple Murabba boosts the taste buds in a wonderful way to make every meal richer and tastier!

Usage: It can be paired with parathas, dal rice, puris, khichdi, khakras – well anything really.

Storage Instructions: Store at a Cool, Dark & Dry place i.e., away from the direct sunlight.