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Green Chili Pickle

Green Chili Pickle

HomeLine’s Organic Green Chili Pickle is a perfect combination of Spicy & Tangy preparation of fresh & tender naturally cultivated Long & Fleshly Green chilies added with Mustard Oil, Vinegar & fresh lemon juice, Salt & Spices.

No Preservatives & additives, Only Handcrafted & Sundried green chilies carefully packed in a glass bottle Jar, make it taste fresh for months. It comes with just the right amount of added sweetness to balance the spice of chilies.

When your taste buds crave for adventure, Our Green chili pickle is a go to product giving them 100% satisfaction.

Benefits: Whether you are on the field or working on stands or cubicles, our product will be a great addition to your diet. It is highly efficient in balancing out the blood sugar levels of our body, and a great source of iron makes it beneficial for hormonal growth.

Usage: HomeLine’s Organic Green Chili pickle is popular for its usage with Paranthas, Theplas, Sambhar-rice apart from many other uses.

Experience the nostalgia of good old times, with our wide range of organic pickles.

Storage Instructions: Store at a Cool, Dark & Dry place i.e., away from the direct sunlight.