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Ker Pickle

HomeLine’s Organic Dela Pickle is made up of 100% authentic Dela obtained by natural farms of Rajasthan. Only 100% natural ingredients are used like natural Dela Mustard Oil, Vinegar, Haldi Powder, Jeera & Himalyan rock salt.

This sweet & tangy Pickle will take you straight to a Rajasthani Household.

HomeLine’s Organic Dela Pickle is free from any kind of additives, artificial colors or any other kinds of chemicals.

Usage: HomeLine’s Organic Dela pickle can be used with Indian breads, various Rice Preparations, Parathas& South India cuisines.

Key benefits of using HomeLine’s Organic Dela Pickle are:

• Boosts immunity
• Zero Cholesterol makes it heart healthy
• Rich source of Zinc, Calcium, and Magnesium & Iron
• Helps in digestion
• Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Storage Instructions: Store at a cool, dark & dry place, Store in refrigerator once the seal is open.