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Mango (Cary) Pickle

Mango (Cary) Pickle

The King of all Fruits Mango while obtained in a slightly unripe form is also making a king of all Indian pickles, a product prepared with a unique processing of special variety of mangoes along with all Natural ingredients such as mustard oil, all Natural spices like Hing, Red Chili & Coriander Powder.

A taste of HomeLine’s Organic Mango Pickle will satisfy your taste buds even more than the main course you are having. You need not worry about any side preparations like chutneys, sauces etc. if you have already procured our mango pickle.

Prepared with all sun-dried mangoes, HomeLine’s Organic Mango Pickle Comes in a glass bottle Jar, it’s a quick solution for all your side needs from breakfast to dinner.

Benefits: Apart from making your food tastier, this will also boost your intake of antioxidants helping you digest your foods more effectively. We make a special effort in lowering down the amount of oil addition, helping it making even healthier. It’s a rich source of vitamin K & fiber.

Usage : HomeLine’s Organic mango pickle is mostly consumed with Puri, Dal-Rice, Sabji-Roti, Paranthas& also with a few other breakfast dishes.

Storage Instructions: Store at a cool, Dark & dry place.