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Mixed Pickle

HomeLine’s Organic Mixed Pickles are made of variety of Natural vegetables mixed together in the pickling process, Processed with Kacchi ghaani Mustard Oil, Vinegar & a few other Natural spices & Himalayan Rock Salt.

No Preservatives or Added colors, Handcrafted & Sun-Dried vegetables, carefully packed in an Air Tight Glass Bottle Jar makes it sustain its taste & Nutrient benefits for months.

Various vegetables are cut down into tiny pieces & blend together, every time will be a different experience even after coming out from the same Jar.

Benefits: Whether you are on the field or working on stands or cubicles, our product will be a great addition to your diet. It is highly efficient in balancing out the blood sugar levels of our body, and a great source of iron makes it beneficial for hormonal growth.

Usage: HomeLine’s Organic Mix pickle is popular for its usage with Paranthas, Theplas, Sambhar-rice apart from many other uses. Experience the nostalgia of good old times, with our wide range of organic pickles.

Storage Instructions: Store at a Cool, Dark & Dry place i.e., away from the direct sunlight.