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Red Chili & Garlic Pickle (Chatni)

Red Chili & Garlic Pickle (Chatni)

HomeLine’s Organic Red Chili & garlic Pickle is a unique fusion of Red Chilis & garlic, we have used just the right proportion to make maximum benefit out of both the blessings.

We have used 100% authentic Red Chilis & Garlic with maximum available nutrients obtained by organic farms of Rajasthan.

Only 100% Natural ingredients are used like Kacchi ghaani Mustard Oil, Vinegar, Haldi Powder, Curry Leaves, dry Leaves Jeera & Himalyan rock salt. This sweet & tangy Pickle will take you straight to a household.

Packed in an Air-tight Glass Bottle Jar, HomeLine’s Organic Red Chili & garlic Pickle is free from any kind of additives, artificial colors or any other kinds of chemicals.

Usage: HomeLine’s Organic Red Chili & garlic pickle ideally compliments with North India styled Poha, Chinese though it can also be used with various other dishes like Rice-dal, Sambhar rice, paranthas etc.

Key benefits of using HomeLine’s Organic Red Chili & Garlic Pickle are:

• Boosts immunity
• Fights Inflammation
• Natural Pain relief
• Manages Blood sugar levels
• Zero Cholesterol makes it heart healthy
• Rich source of vitamin C, Calcium & Iron
• Prevents Common Cold & anti-allergic
• Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Storage Instructions: Store at a cool, Dark & dry place.