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Red Chili Pickle

Red Chili Pickle

HomeLine’s Organic Red Chili Pickle is a stuffed pickle originated from Rajasthani cuisine, mostly known for its hot & spicy taste combination.

Red Chilies, Kachhi ghaani Mustard Oil, Rock Salt & several mixed spices are used together in a process-oriented preparation, carefully designed to make sure that all key ingredients can do their unique wonders in the mix & can all-together create a magic.

HomeLine’s Organic Red Chili Pickle comes in a Glass Bottle Air-Tight Jar, NO added preservatives or colors.

Benefits: Apart from enhancing the flavor of your dishes, it will also help in proper digestion, manage blood sugar levels, and fight inflammation & natural pain relief.

Usage: Serve with Rice, Rotis &Paranthas. Can be added as a dash to salads, Roast Meats & Sandwich Spread.

We feel that our products are perfect for urban population, who feel a need for Traditional, all-natural taste & Recipes.

Storage: Store at a Cool, Dark & dry place away from direct sunlight.