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Moong Split (Chilka)

Moong Split (Chilka)

Homeline’s Organic Moong Dal is sourced from natural farms bringing 100% organic, unpolished pulses that retain their goodness and natural taste. It is an important source of Proteins making it a healthy and tasty meal for everyone. Naturally grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Moong Dal is naturally Gluten Free.

Homeline’s Organic Dals are delicious in taste, rich in nutrients:  Moong Dal is naturally rich in protein and high in dietary fiber.

In India, Moong dal is commonly used in a variety of dishes like dal, khichadi, halva etc. In this regard, it’s a very versatile ingredient and can be paired with many different spices for the desired flavor profile. It also has an excellent nutritional profile as it contains protein, fiber and other important nutrients such as magnesium and potassium.

Health Benefits:

  1. Good source of protein and dietary fiber.
  2. It is low in fat and rich in B complex vitamins, calciumand potassium.
  3. Its regular use during childhood, pregnancy and lactation helps one to get the required nutrition and promote health.
  4. Porridge or Khichdi made from it is the best diet after recovery from acute illness.