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A Spice that is directly related to aroma to us Indians is Ajwain. All of us have our favorite dal with the tadka being a highlight or finishing touch in the recipe.

Homeline organic Ajwain adds a wonderful aroma to your meals and can also help you to avoid the common cold. All one needs to do is prepare a paste of Homeline organic Ajwain and jaggery by heating it. Take two teaspoons twice a day to have you feeling better.

HomeLine organic Ajwain is prepared by Hand-pounded methods by using pure & unadulterated seeds Procured by Organic cultivation in the state of Rajasthan in India.

HomeLine’s  Ajwain is Organic, comes in a 100 Gm airtight  Jar, so as a to preserve its rich nutritional Ingredients. Needless to say, No kind of pesticides, insecticides or preservatives are used while cultivation.



  1. Helps our body in fighting Bacteria/Fungi
  2. Instant relief from acidity & Indigestion
  3. Helps in managing cholesterol levels/Blood pressure.
  4. Works as a pain relief for Ear & Tooth ache.
  5. Helps in enhancing our taste buds

Storage Instructions:  Store away from light and heat in airtight containers.

Pack- 100 .gm jar

Pack -250 gm Eco – Friendly pouch

Ingredient – 100% Ajwain

Self life – 12 months