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Chat Masala

One of the most loved mixed spice, Chaat Masala enjoys its own legacy in Indian sub-continent & rapidly gaining its foot in the international market as well.

It’s an interesting mix of various Natural spices consisting of cumin, coriander, mango powder, black rock salt, pepper & mint leaves.
Use HomeLine’s Chat masala and you will enjoy each single ingredient yourselves as we have very carefully zeroed upon the right proportions of each mixes giving you a newly discovered taste of the mix.

This unique blend comes in a Glass bottle Jar, can transform anything into a chaat i.e., a savory snack originated from India.

HomeLine does not use any kind of pesticides, insecticides & preservatives in any of its spices used for mixing of Chaat Masala.Making it 100 % Natural.

Coming of age, it has been also used for giving aesthetics to various kinds of foods like Fruit salads, Soups & boiled dishes like chicken, Mushrooms etc.

Just simply sprinkle into your next food & your food will transform you to your favorite street vendor.

HomeLine Wishes you have great memories & greater Chaat Stories.

Storage Instructions: Store away from light and heat in airtight containers.