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Coriander (Powder)

Coriander (Powder)

Homeline Coriander powder is produced naturally . It has a very unique taste, and can also be used against several other spices and herbs.

Natural Coriander Powder (Natural Dhaniya Powder) has always been a big part of the Indian kitchen. From generations, past to present-day, curries, sabzi, and most household favorite recipes include coriander as an ingredient.

Coriander powder made from the coriander seeds are typically found in ground in the whole seed form. The coriander herbs are grown naturally without any chemical fertilizers only natural fertilizers are used. There powder which is delivered is unadulterated, pure and fresh.


1.Rich in Immune – boosting anti-oxidant
2.Protects Brain Health
3.Promotes digestion and Gut Health
4.Fights Infections
5.Helps lower Blood Sugar

Storage Instructions:Store Coriander Powder in an air-tight container in cool place to lock in the aroma and flavor.