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Coriander Whole

Coriander Whole

Homeline’s coriander whole is good for your stomach and regulates your blood sugar. It is full of dietary fiber, iron, magnesium, and manganese. It boosts digestion and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

It is a great part of our dishes as it adds up a unique flavor to it which can’t be replaced with some other spice. Apart from the taste, it promotes healthy vision as well. Homeline’s coriander whole is a must-have spice in your kitchen when you are going to cook some amazing recipes for your folks. Plus, it has zero preservatives and chemicals.

Health Benefits –

  • It is good for skin health
  • Regular consumption can normalize blood sugar levels
  • It normalizes cholesterol levels
  • It prevents urinary tract infections
  • It helps in the treatment of flu and cold

Storage instructions – You can store coriander in any jar or container in a dry and cool place.

Quantity – 100 – 250Gram