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Cumin Powder

Cumin seeds are commonly used in every household in India and Homeline Organic brings best form of cumin seeds which are natural from Rajasthan. Cumin powder is a warming spice and helps in digestion, boosts immunity; helps cure anemia and skin disease. It has been grown naturally without fertilizers and pesticides.

Natural Cumin Powder ( Jeera Powder) is not just powdered cumin seeds but also an age-old home remedy for treating many digestion related problems. Using Homelines Jeera Powder gives you flavor to your recipe because the process of making the powder form of the spice is completely chemical and electricity-free this organic process allows the spice to retain minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber, and antioxidants.


1.Rich source of Iron

2.Promotes Digestion

3.Improves Blood Cholesterol

4.Promotes Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

5.Prevent Food-Borne Illness

Storage Instructions: Store Cumin seeds (Powder) in a air tight glass jar in cool place.