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Heeng Powder

HomeLine’s  Hing powder is prepared by Hand-pounded methods by using pure & Unadulterated resins imported from Afghanistan, we make sure that it contains no additives, fillers or any kind of flavoring until it reaches you. 

HomeLine’s  Hing powder is 100% pure and we strongly recommend not shifting it to any other packing except the air-tight container it comes in, the smell of Hing in its purest form is so strong that it can affect the aroma of other spices kept nearby.


1.Can be added into cooking process along with other ingredients as a curry base. 

2.Can be used by steeping in hot water & further used as a base for sambhar, Curries & Soups.

3.Can be used in preparation of various kinds of dals, both by sprinkling on top or by adding in your tadka. 

Storage Instructions : Keep at a cool, dark & dry place.