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Himalayan Pink Salt Powder

Himalayan Pink Salt Powder

HomeLine  Sehanda Namak is 100% Natural, rich in minerals Himalayan salt. It is prepared by reddish-pink granules of pink rock salt sourced from Himalayan cliffs where it was being crystallized for millions of years in an unpolluted & pristine environment.

The beauty of Himalayan rock salt is such that it contains the very same 84 natural elements & minerals that are available in human body and this is just one out of many wonders about Himalayan rock salt.

Packed in a 100gm Glass Bottle Jar, HomeLine  acknowledges such precious resources & we do make sure that it is untouched by any toxins & pollutants in between its procurement from Himalayan rocks until it is packed & reaches our homes.


  1. Improve respiratory diseases
  2. Balance the body’s pH
  3. May help to reduce the signs of ageing
  4. Helps to improve sleep quality
  5. Regulate the blood sugar level

Storage Instructions:Store in an airtight, humidity-controlled environment. Store away from moisture and air.