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SPL Garam Masala

SPL Garam Masala

Mixture of Jeera, Kali Mirch, Dalchini, Elaichi Big, Laung, Saunth, Jayphal, Javintri.
Much like Indian cuisine, the quintessential Garam Masala is a fusion of flavors where each distinct flavor creates a symphony of palatable notes, Hand ground in traditional grinders, and not machines, the authentic grinding process retains the right taste without the mix coming across as burnt.
Homeline garam masala spice is a hot mixture of spices that are extremely rich in flavor, there is no specific recipe for making garam masala as the ingredients very between regions, aroma of gram masala is so flavorful people like to their own taste.


1. Rich and anti-oxidant
2. Lower bad cholesterol and blood sugar
3. Reduce inflammation
4. Enhance nutrient absorption

Storage Instructions:Store Garam Masala in airtight containers or else the moisture in the air can spoil the masalas, making them lose their flavor, aroma and colour.