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Health Benefits of Soaked Almonds

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The powerhouse of fibre, healthy fats, vitamin E, and other nutrients, almonds are a go-to snack for everyone. While some like to consume them raw, roasted almonds are the choice for others. And many people add them to Indian dessert recipes to reap their benefits. But soaked almonds have proved themselves more beneficial when it comes to your overall health. 

Nutrients in Almonds 

Almonds are packed with dietary fibres, protein, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, and omega 6 fatty acids. Plus, it is rich in magnesium and manganese as well. 

From strengthening bones, regulating blood sugar levels to keeping you fuller and keeping blood pressure problems at bay, almonds are associated with tons of health benefits. 

Why are soaked almonds better?

Help with digestion 

Since almonds have a hard texture, the almonds can be difficult to digest for most people. However, soaking almonds softens them and you can easily peel off the skin. This way, it becomes easier for your body to break them down

Improves absorption of nutrients 

Almond skin contains a significant amount of tannins which reduces the rate of nutrient absorption. So, when you soak the almonds, peeling the skin becomes easier, which in turn can improve the absorption of nutrients. In simpler words, when we consume soaked almonds, our body absorbs more vitamins and minerals than when eaten raw. 

May help in weight loss 

The monosaturated fats in almonds keep you full for a long time, making them a healthy and tasty snack. Since it curbs appetite, it can help in your weight loss regime. 

Good source of antioxidants

Soaked almonds are loaded with vitamin E which works as a strong antioxidant, which hinders the free radical damage. Thus, consuming soaked almonds can prevent ageing and inflammation.

Excellent source of magnesium 

Soaked almonds are packed with magnesium which is essential for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Also, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke by reducing high cholesterol levels. Thus, soaked almonds are heart-healthy snacks that need to be included in everyone’s diet.

Best way to soak almonds 

Take a handful of almonds and soak them in a cup of water. Cover the cup and leave it overnight for at least six to eight hours. The next day, you can drain the water, take out the almonds, and peel off the skin. You can either consume them fresh or store them in a container ( consumer before 7 days).

How to add soaked almonds to your diet?

If you have been wondering how you can add soaked almonds to your daily meals, there are several ways. 

First, you can consume 3-4 freshly soaked almonds every morning before starting your day for an instant dose of energy. Or, you can add some in your oats, cereals, or breakfast smoothies for a healthy first meal. 

If you are a dessert lover, you can add them in ladoos, cookies, or halwa to make them even more tasty and nutritious. You can also pair them with other seeds and nuts to be consumed every day. However, make sure to regulate their consumption as they increase body heat. So, 4-5 almonds are enough for an individual. 

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